Fitness Programs

Ashley always enjoyed her training as an athlete. Fitness has always been apart of her post-collegiate career. Although, races or competitions are no longer a regular, She competes against herself each time she walks into the gym. Ashley's experience has enabled her to develop and coach fitness programs that cater to all goals so YOU may FORTIFY your life.

Program Descriptions


Training Guide

The Training Guide is six weeks offering four workouts each week- one upper body, one lower body and two full body. As you work through the guide, each week by adding a day, lengthening the time, and/or the amount of weight/resistance to your exercises. These workouts do require, you have access to a set dumbbells (a kettlebell is a plus) and some sort of bench/chair. At purchase the guide is downloadable and available immediately for you to begin. 

Guide A coming 12/1/19. 

Core Challenge

The 30-Day Core Challenge provides you with a core challenge each day. You will develop a stronger core, strengthen your back and sculpt your abs as this program increases in length, time and reps over the 30 days.